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We have developed a systematized approach.

Probate is the process of changing ownership of property from a person who has died to the individuals who will inherit the property. It is a court process. All probate proceedings are filed in the County Court in the decedent’s county of residence.

Wills do not transfer property to anyone until the will is filed with the court and admitted to probate. If a person has not written their own will, probate is still necessary to transfer ownership of property left in their name. But without a will of your own, state laws direct the disposition of your property.

One of the great advantages of revocable trust planning is the ability to avoid probate at time of death. Bypassing the court process can dramatically reduce the time and expense of transferring property to loved ones.

The trust administration process is typically cheaper, simpler, and faster than the traditional probate process. Most clients’ families feel more in charge of the process when there is a trust administration rather than a traditional probate.

Having done many probate and trust administrations over our years of practice, we have developed a systematized approach for both. This results in greater efficiency and lower-cost administrations. We are available for both probate assistance and trust administration.

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