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Our Commitments

The Estate Planning Law Group of Blazek & Gregg law firm mission is to help our clients build and maintain estate plans that work. We commit to do for each client everything we as the professional advisors can do to assure that your estate plan will work for you as you participate in the TLC Planning™ Three Step Strategy™ process with us. To do so, we make (as described more specifically in our engagement agreement with each client) the following commitments:

  • To follow the Golden Rule—we’ll treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes.
  • To provide thorough legal counselling as to the planning opportunities available to you so you can get an estate plan built upon your personal and family goals and objectives, then we will legally document that plan for you.
  • To follow through with the proper titling of your assets, and to help you keep your plan up-to-date.
  • To help your family lawfully carry out your plan when your death or disability occurs.
  • To do the above at very reasonable cost and in a manner that doesn’t penalize you for exploring all possible personal planning goals or for being open and honest with us.
  • To educate you and your family fully about the three-step estate planning process.

We also know that your plan won’t work if we care more about it than you do. The way we keep the cost of your planning down is to enter into a relationship where you learn and participate actively. So, we ask you to make some commitments, too. To be and remain our TLC Planning™ client, a person must:

  • Be nice to us. We don’t keep obnoxious, rude clients. Life is too short and there are plenty of happy people we can work with.
  • Tell us the truth—the whole, unvarnished, detailed truth—about you, your family, your hopes, your fears, your dreams and your aspirations.
  • Pay our fees according to the agreements you make.
  • Participate actively in our formal updating program.
  • Keep us informed of changes in your assets, and follow our advice as to proper titling of those assets.

Estate planning is a process, not an event. Let’s work together to make sure your plan works for you!